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Monday, January 2, 2012

Eyelid Movies - Phantogram

 This Phantogram's debut album. They make their music in a barn far away from civilization. Their music is psych-pop. Kind of like MGMT & Hesta Prynn. I highly recommend them to everyone.

  1. Mouthful Of Diamonds                                           4:13   BUY IT
  2. When Im Small                                                        4:09   BUY IT
  3. Turn It Off                                                                4:01    
  4. Running From The Cops                                          3:58    Check it out
  5. All Dried Up                                                             3:46    
  6. As Far As I Can See                                                 3:30    BUY IT
  7. You Are The Ocean And Im Good At Drowning    5:49    Check it out
  8. Bloody Palms                                                           3:32    BUY IT
  9. Futuristic Casket                                                      3:38     BUY IT 
  10. Let Me Go                                                                4:26    Check it out
  11. 10000 Claps                                                             3:30  

"Mouthful of Diamonds"
Is my favorite song of theirs. I love the lyrics, the guitar, the drums, the synthesizers. I love biking around listening to this.

"When I'm Small"
Drowning in ink made of steel. Just watch the music video and you will know what I mean.

"Turn it off"
it's pretty good.
"Running form the Cops"
A great song to run away to.

"All dried up"
like an amusement park in the 1980's.

"As far as I can see"
Some nice psych jazz music. The 1970's + 80's+ now. At least check it out.

"You are the Ocean and I am good at drowning"
Throwing some classic rock guitar on this bitch. Oh yeah.

"Bloody Palms"
Great beat. Feels like palm trees.

"Futuristic Casket"
Like some hip hop shit.

"Let Me Go"
pretty good song.

"10000 claps"
its ok.


  1. I love MGMT so ill give it a looksy. Please keep posting comparisons to other bands so I know if its something I should take a look at. Thanks :)

  2. Yes I agree with the thinks you have written... but 10000 claps is for me not so ok^^
    But nevermind :D
    Happy new year ;)

  3. I've literally fucked a whore with diamonds in her mouth.

  4. fucked a bitch to as far as I can see this morning.

  5. MGMT is my fav band ever! now following! awesome blog

  6. wow I love these kind of song


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